King Saud University: Scholarship programs for non-Saudi students - Part 2

King Saud University Arabic institute for non-natives
Features provided by King Saud University Scholarship

For students at the Institute of Arabic:

A - Finance Care:
1. A monthly stipend similar to reward given to Saudi students in the same stage.
2. An amount of (1000) Saudi Riyal is given to the student as an excellence reward in case of getting excellent marks in every
academic year.
3. The students is given an economy class ticket to come to the Kingdom at the first time , and a round trip ticket at the end of each academic to his country, and a one way ticket at the end of his studying. 
4. The student will live in the university dorm free of charge .
5. Free treatment will be Provided to the student in all university hospitals
6. A reduction in the value of the student books weight at the end of  his study on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

B - Education Care:

Students at the Arabic Institute will be getting scholarships in the three programs of study:
1 - Language program for non-native speakers, Department of Language and Culture:

The student is to be accommodated at the Arabic Institute in the intensive program is dedicated to non-Arabic speakers and consists of four levels, one-semester in each level and the student will study about (25) hours a week includes decisions on the vocabulary and understanding what he hears, sounds, and intensive reading and conversation and written expression, , and writing training. 

Outstanding students in this program are nominated to join the Science and Theory faculties at King Saud University for Undergraduate according to the student's high school certificate.

2 - The High Diploma, Department of Teacher Education (will be transferred soon to the Master of Arts in Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers) students accepted into this program will be rehabilitation to achieve the Higher Diploma in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers they are taught (30) hours spread on two levels (15) hours per week for each level in the semester.

3 - Diploma Program, Department of Teacher Training (will be transferred shortly to the Master of Arts in Applied Arabic Linguistics and the name of the program will be changed and its objectives accordingly).

a. Higher diploma program to train teachers of the Arabic language to non-native speakers during the service: 

Students are accepted in this program with expertise in teaching to raise their level of Arabic teaching to non-native speakers. The program includes two levels one semester for each level. 
In each semester students study 20 units a week. And in case of completing this program successfully the student will get "Higher Diploma certificate for training teachers of Arabic language for non-native speakers.

C. Social Care:

Social care Includes the following programs:

1. Social trips such as Umrah and Hajj trips (Muslim students) and trips to identify different regions of the Kingdom.
2. Visits to the salient features in the city of Riyadh, the Kingdom's cities and state officials.
3. integrating scholarship students in the social environment such as organizing of Saudi Arabian feast in the month of Ramadan and arranging for their attendance for the celebration of Eid with Saudi groups.
4. Financial support for scholarships students Unlike bonus monthly, which is to give them the opportunity to participate in Students Working Program, that is to give students the chance to work in faculties and departments of the university to perform by giving them certain tasks and acts in their free times in return for financial reward calculated per hour.
5. Take advantage of other financial support programs offered by the university and it is a system of advances and subsidies provided by the Fund awarded to students who need or who are exposed to unforeseen circumstances unable to overcome.
6. Helping students with special circumstances.

D. Cultural care:
1. Courses, special seminars with visits to some cultural attractions in the city of Riyadh.
2. Presenting a collection of valuable scientific books.
3. Allocation of special vocational training courses to develop students skills and acquire additional expertise in the field of computers, self-development and improvement of Arabic calligraphy, hobbies, technical and scientific theater, drawing, composition, decoration and scientific innovations.
4. Cultural Contests, written and verbal and many varied public speaking contests, poetry and theater.
5. Students will display and demonstrate their traditional heritage products in the Deanship of Student Affairs Exhibition.
E. Health Care:
1. Conducting medical examinations for new students to give them a residence card.
2. Students get benefits from the Health Institute Unit.
3. Providing free medical care to grants students and their families in all hospitals and government clinics.
4. Students get benefits from the psychiatric unit of the Department of Student Guidance and Counseling.
5. Institute students can take advantage of the foreign students club of Grants Deanship for Student Affairs, which provides a wide range of events and cultural activities, sports and social programs for all students.

Admission requirements

Language and Culture Dept

1. A minimum of high school certificate with an average of Very good.
2. The applicant must not be over 25 years old.
3. The applicant must be physically fit.
4. The applicant must be a full time student.

Teacher Training Dept

1. A minimum of B.A degree or equivalent in Arabic, Education or Islamic studies with a minimum grade of v. good. (For the one semester course a minimum of secondary school certificate with a minimum average of v. good is required
2. The applicant must be a teacher of Arabic as a foreign Language at the time of application
3. The applicant must not be over (40) years old
4. The applicant must be physically fit
5. The applicant must pass the placement test administrated by the dept
6. The applicant must be a full-time student.

Teacher Training Dept

1. A minimum of B.A degree with a minimum grade of v. good in on of the following
2. Arabic Language -Education majoring in Arabic Islamic studies from an Arabic University
3. The applicant must not be over 35 years old
4. The applicant must be physically fit
The applicant must be a full time student.

The following must be attached to the application

1. A copy of the certificate
2. A copy of the transcript
3. An original letter (or letters) of recommendation by a known academic or official institution
4. A recent medical report (less the one month from the applicant date)
5. A copy of a valid passport
6. 3 new photographers (size 4x6)
7. An official letter of approval from the applicants government to study in Institute
8. The full address of the applicant written in both Arabic and English.


1. All papers must be Certified
2. Admission is subject to the result of the full medical check-up done to the applicant at his arrival to the University

3. Applicants obtaining a C GPA or exceeding the required age can be put on the waiting list

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Asalam aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu mashaallah for the scholarship you have provided to the non Arab or Saudi.My case I do have Bachelor Degree of English Literature with Education from Islamic University in Uganda and Master of Human Resource Management from Kampala University also I did Sharia law from Hargeysa University up to second year which means I didnt finished and now I pursue my second Master of Education Administration in Policies Studies and Planing fom Open University of Tanzania.My age is 38 years so can I get chance to study law or Arabic language

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My real nameis yunus esmail ebrahim from Arusha Tanzania,my number is +255684823534,